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    I like to stroll the supermarket very much, that is the place that is very"life", the food,the life sundries,or even clothes,small toyses all can see.Be regarded as and don't consume, go in to stroll slowly a turn, can also let the mood turned to like.

    The supermarket has very different a place with the general penny store.Isn't the amount of the price or the goods style, but the position of the traditional sundries store goods decoration can be treated as a hundred years constant of, and supermarket, then usually change.

    When strolled a period of time of the same house of supermarket, usually think to have already known their ll goods put to put of position, sometimes walk to directly a certain before, takes the thing that the oneself needs and don't need to look for slowly directly.But sometimes will find suddenly, the goods put to put of the position was different.

    Also is much more than only a position in the same of category to adjust with each other, but the whole supermarket comes to move the breeze greatly.The place that puts the red wine at the beginning may put the toilet paper, the shelf that keeps to put the toilet paper may change to sell the biscuit.

    There is time thinking of, so, whether person also is like the supermarket or not, have many different facial expressions in fact, but allow of no is easily understood?