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橘子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1.Tom and Rita是壽星,他們先唱完生日快樂歌之後,Tom and Rita一起許願,之後他們兩人一起吹蠟燭。



4.最後Rita and Tom 有準備一些才藝要與大家分享,全部的小朋友都沉浸在Rita and Tom的節目當中,就這樣他們過了一天充實的生活!

(在題號1.上面我忘了打一段,今天Rita and Tom是壽星,老師邀了全班一起幫他們兩個人慶生。)麻煩


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    1. Above I forgot to hit a section, today Rita and Tom was the longevity god, teacher invites the entire class to help both of them to celebrate together lives.Tom and Rita is a longevity god, after they sing the birthday quick music and singing first, Tom and Rita makes a vow together, afterwards they blow the candle together.

    2. Then teacher wants the complete children all to stand on the platform, teacher wants to issue each child birthday hat.

    3. Then can some big elder sister issue the child a small gift and the small card, although only then they are the longevity god, but everybody has entirely attains the gift.

    4. Finally Rita and Tom has prepares some talent and skill to have with everybody share, the complete children all immerse in the middle of the Rita and Tom program, like this a they day substantial life!

    參考資料: 我自己
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