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    There is a famous Karaoke in Taipei, there are many of circles in that Karaoke and each of the circles has their own restroom, therefore there are two doors in each of circles, one is door of restroom and the other one is exit door. The restroom is always located at the corner which opposite to the exit door, so there are two doors beside the television. The situation happened in one of the circle of the Karaoke, one day when a group of people were singing songs happily, and a waiter came in and said: 『did any one push the service bottom?』and the group of people were looking at each other said no. thirty minutes passed and another waiter came in, but this time was a different waiter, and asked 『did any one push the service bottom?』 again, the group of people were stop for few second. Because this time the waiter was came out from the bedroom with straight-faced not exit one, and the group of people ran out from the circle....

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    I interviewed the owner of this haunted house located in southern New Jersey about 12 years ago. This is the story she told of some incidents in her house and others with her family. This house is on a quiet street in a small town.

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    It started in the early sixties , when Joan's brother Mike started dating a wild girl whom the family called Reds. One night out, Mike and Reds were joy riding around Philadelphia. Both of them were intoxicated. Reds kept telling Mike to drive faster and faster.

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    His speed still did not satisfy she reached her foot over and stepped on the gas pedal, Mike lost control and slammed into a utility pole. Reds was killed in the crash and Mike was seriously injured. He was even unable to attend the funeral. He was ordered to remain at home in bed.

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    When the family returned from the funeral they went up to Mike's room. As soon as they walked in the door Mike began to describe exactly what Reds was wearing in the coffin, down the rings and other jewelry. The family asked him how he knew all this since he wasn't there.

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    He told them that Reds had just been there to visit him. Years later Joan's son, Bobby, was supposed to ship out to Vietnam on the following morning. His Uncle Mike told him he would stop by in the morning to give him a lucky coin that would bring him good luck and protect him.

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    His Uncle was very persistent about Bobby getting this coin. The next day, The whole family was there to see bobby off at the airport except for his Uncle Mike.. As they waited for him to arrive Bobby bought his 2 young sisters Raggy Ann dolls.

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    His Uncle never showed up and Bobby had to leave without the lucky coin. When Joan arrived home her neighbors told her to put on the TV and watch the news. She turned on the TV and the scene was of her brother Mike laying dead in the street.

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    He had been killed while attempting to rob a bank, he was trying to steal a coin collection.

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