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[[超急]]如何寫My friend這個英文作文 ?20點

總共要500個字 誰可以告訴我 拜託拜託 !


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    Has the such one kind of person, they believed, the friend is wants frequently to meet, frequently to send regards, frequently chats, they and request its other people also to have so to treat them, otherwise was has treated coldly them, is not their sincerity friend. This kind of person's question is, they too were short of other people's care, therefore they thought the others frequently cared about them, 有事無事 all had to remember them, regarded them for a life in focal point. This idea not only frequently brings the worry for oneself, also brings the pressure for the other people.

    But, the genuine good friend, is does not need frequently to meet, not to need frequently to chat. In their heart has the profound tacit understanding, how many years pass, the mundane affairs 淘洗, their friendship actually calendar for a long time makes up newly. Although long separation, but as soon as meets, then the mind conjunction, as if left is only yesterday matter, very many matters so long as a speech, a look, could understand. They cannot request frequently to obtain opposite party to send regards, because of friendship if by the count-down, this kind of friendship is impossible is the eternal.

    Junction of pale like water the gentleman, the genuine friend ordinary day associates although are few, but the continuous spiritual bond deeply chisels the friendship gurgling 甘泉. Junction of Gan Jeli villain, these people meet time is similar to the revelry cocktail party, happy extremely unconventional, but on liquor addiction they, so long as one day does not bump the liquor, the heart 癢 was then difficult to bear, blames god and man. If these people are the layman still permissible forgive, if so is person of the good road, still holds Yu Tz'uch'en vulgar uncultivated land, then did a disservice to the founder instruction.

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