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產地是墨西哥,主原料是可可豆(像椰子般的果實,在樹幹上會開花結果),它的起源甚早,始於墨西哥極盛一時的阿斯帝卡王朝最後一任皇帝孟特儒(Montezuma),當時是周圍是崇拜巧克力的社會喜歡以辣椒、番椒、香草豆和香料添加在飲料中,打起泡沫,並以黃金杯子每天喝50CC,是屬於宮廷成員的飲料,它的學名Theobroma有「眾神的飲料」之意,被視為貴重的強心、利尿的藥劑,它對胃液中的蛋白質分解酵素具有活化性的作用,可幫助消化。1526年,西班牙探險家柯特茲帶回西班牙,獻給當時的國王,使歐洲人視它為迷藥,掀起一股狂潮。到1828年,由荷蘭的凡苛添(Van Houten)想到將其脂肪除去2/3,做成容易飲用的可可亞。19世紀末時,瑞士的D.M比德,發明在巧克力中加入牛奶,味道更好,就是今日巧克力的雛形了。

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    The habitat is Mexico, the main raw material is a cocoa bean(be like the fruit of coconut sort, will bloom and bear fruit on the tree trunk), its origins begins from Mexico very and early very prosperous and a fit of of the Si Di card dynasty most successor emperor Meng especially Ru(Montezuma) is around at that time is worship chocolate of the society likes to increase by the hot pepper, pepper, vanilla bean and the spice in the beverage, starting to beat a foam,also drinking a 50 CCs everyday by gold cup is the beverage which belongs to palace a member, its scientific term Theobroma has an idea of"the beverage of many God", being seen the medicine which urines as the valuable strong heart, benefit, it the protein in the agree with stomach liquid resolve the function that enzyme has sex of activate, can help digest. In 1526, Spanish explorer especially bring back Spain, dedicate to the king at that time, make the European treat it as to be fond of a medicine, bring about a violent radicalism.BE added(Van Houten) by any Ke of Holland to think of to remove its fat to 18282/3, the cocoa made in to drink easily is second.The end of 19 centuries, the D.M of Switzerland ratio virtuous, invent in the chocolate to join milk, the flavor is better, is today the embryo of the chocolate.

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