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急徵 ”英翻中” 的聰明大大

In January 1996 Jerry was brought in by the board of directors as chief executive officer (CEO) to see whether he could turn the company around. Jerry was a former management consultant who had once run a division of a Fortune 500 company. Jerry had been told by the board that

Compufix's financial situation was deteriorating, although the company's

president and principal stockholder, Harry Jones, was holds 51 percent of

Compufix's stock, stepped aside from the CEO position when Jerry arrived. Compufix had always had positive profits, and its book of business had grown consistently since the company first commenced operating in 1985(see Table 1).In Harry's view, given these two positive trend, how could Compufix's financial situation be anything other than solid? True, there were some problems with overstaffing in 1995,but Compufix had still made $128,000 in operating income last year and the overstaffing problems had recently been solved through layoffs and attrition.

Nonetheless, within six months of his arrival Jerry had found a number of ongoing problems that contributed to Compufix's recent financial weakness, but no clear diagnosis. In Jerry's best estimation, the company had grown too fast. It was started in 1985 with 4 employees and had grown rapidly to reach more than 100 employees and $7,500,000 in sales by 1995.This expansion evolved without any formal strategic plan. Compufix was always eager to attract new customers and would bend over backwards to win business. In the past Compufix just added employees and capabilities because it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.

This is a disguised case. The names of the company and all key personalities have been changed. The company is the source of all data cited in this case. The case is hased on extensive field research by the authors. This case was prepared by Charles W.L. Hill and Maureen Kibelsted. University of Washington. Used by permission.

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    傑瑞於1996年1月由董事會任命為執行長(CEO),以觀察是否他有能力挽回公司的頹勢。傑瑞是一位曾經經營過Fortune五百大公司之一的前任管理顧問。傑瑞已經被董事會告知Compufix的財務狀況正在惡化,雖公司的董事長及主要股東--哈利瓊斯--持有51% Compufix的股份,當傑瑞來到之後讓出了CEO的位子。Compufix總是有盈餘,且自從公司於1985年開始營運之後,業績一貫地成長(見表一)。在哈利的觀點,從這兩個正面的趨勢來看,Compufix的財務除了穩固之外,怎麼可能會有其它的狀況呢?事實上,在1995年時有過一些關於人員過剩的問題,但是Compufix於去年仍然有128,000美元的獲利,而且人員過剩的問題已經在最近於裁員與摩擦之間被解決了。


    這是一個修飾過的案例。公司及所有關鍵人士的名字被修改過。在這個案例中,公司是所有被用來引證的消息來源。這個案例被廣泛地用於專業領域的研究。由Charles W.L. Hill與Maureen Kibelsted編寫。華盛頓大學。被許可使用。

    參考資料: mE
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