[Urgent]apply UK visa in uk

""Seeking for someone who have experience doing UK Visa application within Britian."""

(Do feel free respound in Chines/ English.)

now all the visa appointment are all fully booked in four Home office (where deal with the uk visa) at Uk. and i was wondering can we just go to the home office, waiting there, and see if got any chance to get to do the application on the day(maybe there will be extra free space for me or some didnt show up !!)??

[extremely urgent cause want to do it before the current visa expired.]

thank you all who read this enquiry. sorry cldn't type in Chinese at the moment.


thanks ted, so you mean if i already sended the application form out, it's alright that i remain stay in uk even the visa is expired, for example, on November 1th, and i wont get into trouble(against the law..etc.)

thanks a lot. yes, i want to do visa extension or change into student visitor.

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    我想是有機會的,不過到底行不行?看Home office網站上沒有資料,也沒聽說過這種經驗(你是要改換簽證吧!?)。多半都是延簽,寄去就可以了,一般來說,換簽證種類,都是要在居住國辦理。

    不是很清楚你的狀況是怎樣,如果是延簽,那就在到期前一天以special delivery寄出就可以了,不用擔心審查期間過期的問題。如果要辦理新簽證、或者比方學生簽證換成工作簽證,通常都是回居住國辦理,但也有聽說在英國辦理的,你就去試試看吧!

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    只要home office 在你簽證到期日前收到你的申請 即使到期日後你原先的簽證身份就自動延續下去 不是非法居留

    許多人的簽證申請在home office那好幾個月 而只要在到期日前寄達home office即可

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