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請問 TRICK OR TREAT 的由來是什麼 ??

中英都要 謝謝 ! ! (請分開)

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    "Trick or treat" redirects here. For other uses, see Trick or treat (disambiguation).

    A "trick-or-treater" in Michigan in 1979.Trick-or-treating, also known as guising, is an activity for children on or around Halloween in which they proceed from house to house in costumes, asking for treats such as candy with the question, "Trick or treat?" The "trick" part of "trick or treat" is a threat to prank the homeowner or his property if no treat is given. Trick-or-treating is one of the main traditions of Halloween. It has become socially expected that if one lives in a neighborhood with children one should purchase treats in preparation for trick-or-treaters. The National Confectioners Association reported in 2005 that 80 percent of adults in America planned to give out candy to trick-or-treaters,[1] and that 93 percent of children planned to go trick-or-treating.[2]

    The activity is popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada, and due to culture importation in recent years has started to occur among children in many parts of Europe, and in the Saudi Aramco camps of Dhahran and Ras Tanura in Saudi Arabia. The most significant growth — and resistance — is in the United Kingdom, where the police have threatened to prosecute parents who allow their children to carry out the "trick" element.

    In Sweden children dress up as witches and go trick-or-treating on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter) while Danish children dress up in various attires and go trick-or-treating on Fastelavn (or the next day, Shrove Monday).

    參考資料: wikipedia
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