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請幫忙翻譯.來自everyone loves raymond

這是學校出的作業. 老師放影片要我們寫其中句子的意思.但是不是聽的很懂...查了辭典總覺得好像不是表面上的意思...影片也找不到不能多看幾次... 可是明天就要交了-口- 這是一部"everyone loves raymond"中的句子.看過或看得懂的不知道可不可以幫幫忙?


2.want to see my shoe tree:

3.Glue’s not dry yet!

4.I made it for the auction.

5.I’m on the organizing committee.

6.You’re on the committee for the playground equipment.

7.You’re bidding on a pedicure?

8.Why are you singing up for these things?

9.I’m trying to drive the prices up!

10 Silent” auction!

11.Why did I let her talk me into this?


13.And how about a hand for the roast beef? Let’s hear for that roast beef!

14.I guess the rest of you are veterinarians or something.

15.Who’s gonna bid $20 dollars for this fine piece of craftsmanship? craftsmanship:

16.Do I hear $3 dollars for this finely, finely crafted pile of rubble, almost? pile of rubble:

17.Everything my wife touches falls off, so you can guess how scared I am.

18.Now, give Gumpy some Pokey!

19.You’re a brilliant farceur. farceur:

20.. . . that broke the ice.

21.. . . you laugh whore.

22.Don’t be such a bad sport!

23.Let me get this straight!

24.I will be flattered.

25What are you going to do, try to get me or something?

26.Just a little temporary blindness.

27I was taking myself too seriously!

28.That was just in the heat of the moment.

29.Bengay in my shorts!

30.Ex-lax in the brownies.

31.I went to camp!

32.You think I rigged the grapefruit to squirt in your eyes?

33.The kind who will be awarded custody when they take you to the booby hatch! “be awarded custody”:

34.What kind of con game you are running?

35.Guess you didn’t see Deliverance?

36Why would you settle for soda?

37.. . my most intimate of area

38.the guy who’s coordinating your celebrity golf thing.

39. . . and bring your rubber spikes rather than metal ones.

40. I am hip to her jive.

41. I’ll give a moment to put it together.

42. spill your guts:

43.You zig. I zag.


因為不認為是字面上的意思. 請不要直接用翻譯軟體.....

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    Everyone loves Raymond是美國的一齣肥皂喜劇影集,有點老式(90年代的戲碼),我不是很喜歡,跟不上瞬息萬變的科技社會,但是這些英文對話卻仍是老美的用語










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