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However, there was no correlation between the plasma

branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isoleucine and

valine with plasma selenium levels, suggesting that the major

accumulatingmetabolites inMSUDare not directly associated to

selenium deficiency. These findings do not necessarily rule out a

causative association, so that the inclusion of a larger sample size

would be important to better evaluate this association.

We also observed in the present study a significant decrease

of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity in

treated MSUD patients, but we did not find a correlation

between erythrocyte GSH-Px activity and plasma Se concentrations.

Thus, it is presumed that Se deficiency was not

responsible for the deficient activity of this enzyme, implying

that other factors may be involved in this effect. We also

verified that erythrocyte CAT and SOD activities were not

altered in treated MSUD patients, indicating that GSH-Px

deficient activity was a specific finding in these MSUD patients.

In summary, our data shows that the plasma BCAA and Allo

concentrations were decreased in treated MSUD patients, but

not to near normal levels indicating that the patients were not

strictly adherent to the therapy. Furthermore, plasma Se levels

were decreased in non-treated and particularly in patients under

treatment. These findings, allied to a poor adherence to the

protein restricted diet with low BCAA, may possibly explain

why all treated patients presented a variable degree of

psychomotor delay/mental retardation.


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    然而,沒有血漿branched-chain氨基酸(BCAA)白氨酸、異白氨酸和纈氨酸之間的交互作用與血漿硒水平,建議主要accumulatingmetabolites inMSUDare不直接地聯繫到硒缺乏。 這些研究結果必要不排除一個引起協會,因此更大的樣本大小的包括是重要更好評估這個協會。 我們在本研究中也觀察了紅血球谷胱甘肽過氧化物酶(GSH-Px)活動重大減退在治療的MSUD患者,但我們沒有發現紅血球GSH-Px活動和血漿Se集中之間的一種交互作用。 因此,它被假定Se缺乏沒有負責對這酵素的短少活動,暗示其他因素在這個作用也許介入。 我們也核實紅血球貓和草皮活動在治療的MSUD患者未被修改,表明GSH-Px短少活動是一具體發現在這些MSUD患者。 總之,我們的數據表示,血漿BCAA和Allo集中在治療的MSUD患者被減少了,但不對表明的幾乎正常的水平患者不嚴密地是追隨者到療法。 此外,血漿Se水平被減少了在non-treated和特別在患者在治療之下。 這些研究結果,與結盟惡劣的緊持到蛋白質有限的飲食與低BCAA,也許可能解釋為什麼所有治療的患者提出了易變的程度心理性運動的延遲或智力缺陷。

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    但是, 沒有交互作用在血漿branched-chain 氨基酸(BCAA)

    白氨酸、異白氨酸和纈氨酸之間以血漿硒水平, 建議主要accumulatingmetabolites inMSUDare 不直接地聯繫對硒缺乏。這些研究結果不一定排除一個引起協會, 以便更大的樣本大小的包括重要更好評估這個協會。我們並且觀察了在本研究中紅血球glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) 活動重大減退在治療的MSUD 患者, 但我們沒有發現一種交互作用在紅血球GSH-Px 活動和血漿Se 集中之間。因而, 它被假定, Se 缺乏沒有負責對這酵素的短少活動, 暗示其它因素也許被介入在這個作用。我們並且核實, 紅血球貓和草皮活動未被修改在治療的MSUD 患者, 表明GSH-Px 短少活動是一具體發現在這些MSUD 患者。總之, 我們的資料表示, 血漿BCAA 和Allo 集中被減少了在治療的MSUD 患者, 但不是對幾乎正常的水平表明, 患者嚴密地不是追隨者對療法。此外, 血漿Se 水平被減少了在non-treated 和特別在患者在治療之下。這些研究結果, 加盟對粗劣的緊持對蛋白質有限的飲食與低BCAA, 也許可能解釋為什麼所有治療的患者提出了易變的程度心理性運動的delay/mental 遲延。

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