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Particularly fear the mutilation and punishment they associate with death.

May have naturalistic/physiologic explanations of death.

The realization of impending death is a tremendous threat to their sense of security and ego strength.

Likely to exhibit fear through verbal uncooperativeness rather than actual physical aggression.

Very interested in postdeath services.

Help parents deal with their feelings, allowing them more emotional reserve to meet the needs of their children.

Encourage parents to remain near child I much as possible, yet be sensitive to Parents’ needs.

Because the developmental task of this age is industry, interventions of helping children maintain control over their bodies and increasing their understanding allow them to achieve independence, self-worth, and self-esteem and avoid a sense of inferiority.

Encourage children to talk about their feelings and provide aggressive outlets.

Encourage parents to share their moments of sorrow with their children.

Provide preparation for postdeath services.



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    特別恐懼他們聯繫死亡的切斷和處罰。有死亡的naturalistic/physiologic 解釋。緊急死亡的認識是一個巨大威脅對他們的安全感和自我力量。可能陳列恐懼通過口頭uncooperativeness 而不是實際物理侵略。非常對postdeath 服務感興趣。幫助父母應付他們的感覺, 允許他們更加情感的儲備適應他們的孩子需要。儘可能鼓勵父母依然是近的孩子I, 對父母的需要是敏感的。由於這年齡發展任務是產業, 幫助的孩子的干預維護對他們的身體的控制並且增加他們的理解給他們達到獨立、自已價值, 和自尊和避免劣等感覺。鼓勵孩子談論他們的感覺和提供進取的出口。鼓勵父母與他們的孩子分享他們的哀痛的片刻。

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