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小與 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂電影 · 1 0 年前



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    大綱從 Plot 的地方開始。

    Set in an Antarctic emperor penguin colony, the film establishes that every penguin must sing a unique song (called a "Heartsong") to attract a soul mate.This is based in fact, since emperor couples court each other andrecognize one another by their unique calls. One particular female,Norma Jean, sings her Heartsong, "Kiss", whereupon the male Memphis sings "Heartbreak Hotel". Norma Jean chooses him as her mate. They couple and Norma Jean lays an egg. The egg is left in Memphis's care while Norma Jean and the other females leave to fish for several weeks. While the males are struggling through the harsh winter, Memphis drops the egg, briefly exposing it to the freezing Antarctic temperatures. The resulting chick - the film's protagonist, Mumble - has a terrible singing voiceand later discovers he has no Heartsong. However, Mumble has an astutetalent for something that none of the penguins had ever seen before: tap dancing.



    中文片名:快樂腳 英文片名:Happy Feet



    (美麗華IMAX 同步上映)



    導演:George Miller (我很乖,所以我要出國)

    編劇:George Miller (我很乖,所以我要出國)

    配音:伊萊亞伍德 Elijah Wood、羅賓威廉斯 Robin Williams、布蘭妮莫菲 Brittany Murphy、休傑克曼 Hugh Jackman、妮可基嫚 Nicole Kidman、雨果威文 Hugo Weaving、安東尼拉佩利 Anthony LaPaglia


    製片預算 / 全美票房:1億 / 1億9492萬




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  • Danny
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    快樂腳 Happy Feet (2006)


    In the cold land of Antarctica, the Emperor Penguins each express their true love with a special heartsong of their own that expresses their very being. However, the misfit Mumble cannot sing, but instead has an extraordinary talent to tap dance with almost magical energy and expression.

    Nevertheless, the deeply conformist leadership of the colony fearfully blames the young penguin's unorthodox ways for the lean fishing that threatens them all. Defiant in the face of unjust rejection, Mumble and his true friends set out to find the true cause of the famine.

    Through the motley crew's trials and perils, Mumble learns many things about his frozen world, not the least of which being that his toe tapping talent may be what he needs to save his people.

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    Set deep inside the icy land of Antarctica, two emperor penguins have a baby named Mumble. Hatched upon his feet, he has an amazing skill for tap-dancing. However, penguins are not supposed to tap dance.

    2007-10-28 21:53:09 補充:

    Even worse, he cannot sing. All emperor penguins are supposed to have a heart song, and he has a try at it - with awful results. Torn apart from his mom, dad, and best friend, Gloria, as a teenager who still has his adolescent feathers, his ventures off into the icy landscape.

    2007-10-28 21:54:05 補充:

    He is rescued from a leopard seal from a group of Adelie penguins, whom which the leader is Ramon. They take Mumble to their home and discover that all of their fish is being taken from an unknown 'alien' source. They ask Lovelace, an unwise and cocky leader of the Adelies, to help them.

    2007-10-28 21:54:16 補充:

    Leading on an incredible adventure, they try to discover the threat of their food source and survival. Using courage and bravery, Mumble begins to teach everyone begins to learn that uniqueness isn't a burden, but is a gift to be treasured.

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