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Tomorrow after the day this movie will remind our climatic change from now on the gravity which affects to the humanity, because the humanity does not control uses Earth's resources, causes environment and middle climate change gradually which we live, global climate's warming is an obvious example. In this warms gradually in the process, how the future climate will turn, the movie will have provided a possibility result from now on tomorrow, because also this movie people should mention the people to the climatic change value.

大自然的反撲竟是如此強大,人類無法改變也無法阻擋! 但原因也是因為人類的自私和貪婪才會造成大自然一點一滴流失!即使在真實生活中還沒發生,但如果人類在再這樣破壞生態自然遲早會發生的!當下的我們就該好好反省,並且好好保護我們唯一的地球!

The nature counter-attacked unexpectedly is so formidable, the humanity was unable to change also is unable to prevent! But the reason also is because the humanity selfish and is greedy only then can create the nature to drain bit by bit! Even if has not occurred in the real life, but if the humanity in like this destroys the ecology naturally sooner or later to be able again to occur! Immediately we this well engage in introspection, and protects our only Earth well!

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    1.This movie reminded our climate change to the seriousness that the mankind influence after tomorrow, because mankind milli- immoderation usage permafrost resource, make environment and weather that we live just among the gradual change, world weather of the warming would be an obvious example.Warm gradually here of in the process, the future weather will become exactly how, the movie will provide a possible result later on tomorrow, also should bring up people's value to climate change because of this movie people.

    2.Great universe of anti- rush toward is thus strong unexpectedly, mankind's can't changing can't also impede! But the reason is also because of mankind of selfish then would cause with greed great universe 1.1 drops run off!Even haven't taken place in the reality the life, but if mankind at again so the ecological devastation nature will take place sooner or later!At that moment of we should like examine oneself, and protect one of our the Earth very so much!

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    The day after Tomorrow, the movie has reminded us that the serious effect of climate change on human. Human has been exploiting the world's limited resources and this leads to a constant changes in our surrounding and climate. Global warming is an obvious effect we now observe. Along with the getting worse global warming, we can get a snapshot and some ideas about how the future climate will become from the movie "the day after tomorrow". This movie brings up the issue that human should not neglect the consequences of climate change.

    The nature counter-acts human' exploitation unexpectedly and strongly . Human can neither change the situation nor avoid it. After all, it is selfishness and greed that makes the world resources gradually disappear. Although the scene we see from "the day after tomorrow, is still a fiction to us now, it will become reality if human do not take any action to protect our environment. Now, we should make an introspection, and start protect The earth.

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