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阿提密斯(Artemis) ~ 希臘的月亮和狩獵女神,眾神之王宙斯和利托的女兒,也是太陽神阿波羅的孿生妹妹;原是小亞細亞的母親女神。在埃及,祂相當於工藝與魔法之神「埃西絲」(Isis),羅馬人稱祂為戴安娜(Diana),而阿拉伯人則稱祂為Lat。在古代的希臘阿提密斯女神極受尊敬,因此人們建造神殿以作崇拜。也就是世界七大奇觀之一 ~ 阿提密絲神殿。

阿提密絲神殿遺址估計位於古城愛菲索斯(Ephesus)中,約在土耳其的Izmir (Smyrna)南面50公里。位於小亞細亞,是古代愛奧尼亞(Artemis)地區的都市之一,在公元前六世紀左右,已經成為西亞的商業中心而繁榮一時,是一個非常富裕的都市。其間更出現許多偉大的哲學家和詩人。

阿提密絲神殿曾經歷過七次重建,首座阿提密絲神殿於公元前550年由建築師Samos、Chersihon及他的兒子Metagenes設計、以愛奧尼亞式(Ionian)建築,是首座入全部由大理石建成及當時最大的建築物,面積達6050平方米,由127條約十九至二十米高的大理石柱支撐,整座建築物均由Pheidias、Polycleitus、Kresilas和 Phradmon.等當時著名的藝術家以銅、銀、黃金及象牙浮雕裝飾,在中央的「U」形祭壇擺放著阿提密斯女神的雕像。

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    A carries densely then (Artemis) -Moon and hunting goddesses of Greece, daughter whom Zeus Wang and profit of all God held is the Sun god Apollo's twin younger sister; Mother in Asia Minor goddess originally. Equivalent to ' the west silk of angstrom ' of spirit of the craft and magic in Egypt (Isis) ,Rome is called Diana (Diana) ,Arabics are called Lat. Propose dense goddess respect very much then, so people build the shrine by making worshipping in ancient Greece A. One of seven major wonders of the world that that is to say - A carries the dense silk shrine.

    A carries the shrine site of dense silk and estimates that lies in the ancient city to like Philippines' asking for then (Ephesus) China, makes an appointment in Izmir of Turkey (Smyrna) 50 kilometers of in the south. Lies in Asia Minor, it is ancient Ionia ( Artemis) City of area one of, in about the sixth century B.C., become mart of west Asia but prosperous for the moment already, it is a very rich city. A lot of great philosophers and poets appear even more during that time.

    A mentions the dense silk shrine and ever goes through the reconstruction seven times, first A carried the dense silk shrine was designed by architect Samos, Chersihon and his son Metagenes in 550 B.C., with the Ionia type (Ionian) Building, enter it all firstly by marble building up and largest building at that time, the area is up to 6050 square meters, support from 127 treaties 19 to the marble post 20 meters high, the whole building is by Pheidias, Polycleitus, Kresilas and Phradmon. waited at that time the artist of the name decorated with the copper, silver, gold and ivory relief, mention dense then the goddess' statue putting A in ' U ' sacrificial altar of the shape of the central authorities.

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