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嗯 ~ 麻煩英文高手幫我忙囉!

因為真的不會寫英文...嗚 > <



幫我翻最好的人~我會送個小禮答謝你的唷!^ _____ ^


3P教學法重視語言的結構特徵的分析,對於詞彙、句式和語法的傳授同樣被強調,它是一種要求語言準確無誤的交際法教學。 所以長期運用該教學法教學,學生的語言準確性相對是比較高的,但也因此適用於程度較好一點的學習者。而Audio-lingual教師是用複誦訓練漸層式教學,非常適用於英語初學者。



要 專 人 翻 唷 !

勿 線 上 翻 譯 ~ 因 為 文 法 會 很 怪

謝 謝 哩 !

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    Something in common of Audio-lingual and 3P is all with teacher's leading factor (teacher-central) ,But 3P teaching method teacher to set up at lay out system of textbook often, the teaching method of 3P appears exquisitely. Practise. The achievement, so has not paid attention to students' need and feeling, has neglected the status of studying the middle school student, in addition students' union is it is it consider other with copies of thing that class have nothing to do to go to cause, curiosity, with constraining creatively; Another kind is not interested in the content that the teacher teaches, participate in or not participate in the language activity of the classroom few. As to,take comparing not living Audio-lingual, teacher can example of daily life apply teaching mechanically, make students more interested to study course, can really use too in daily life.

    The teaching method of 3P pays attention to the analysis of the structure characteristic of the language, teaching and is emphasized too to the vocabulary, one type and grammar, it is the communication law teaching of a kind of demand with accurate language. So use this teaching method teaching for a long time, language of student high, suitable for degree better learner a bit too. And Audio-lingual Mr. with is it train layers of type teaching gradually whether very suitable for English beginner to rehearse.

    Audio-lingual in addition, must be through restricting, thatted is to say through the moulding type and strengthened in the study of the language sentence pattern of the goal, let learner produce correct response stimulating, learner then can get rid of mother tongue used to it, form the new habit of learning to say the goal language.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Audio-lingual and the sames with 3 Ps are all predominated(teacher-central) with teacher, however 3 P teaching method usually the teachers all build up in the textbook to arrange in order system up, the 3 P teaching method pays attention to present.Practice.Result, so neglect the learning high school student's position without valuing for the student's demand and feeling, in addition the student association cause to consider an other to have nothing to do with this stanza lesson not thing, seek knowledge to want with create sex to be suppressed;Another 1 kind are uninterested to the content that teacher teach, few participate or don't participate classroom language an activity.Relatively, Audio-lingual more living turn, the teacher can use the inside of the teaching through the example set in the daily life, let the student have the interest learning the curriculum more, can also really be used in the daily life.

    The analysis of the structure characteristic of the 3 P teaching method value language, is emphasized to the induction same of vocabulary, sentence type and phrasing, it is 1 kind requests language accurate without any error of social intercourse method teaching. So make use of that teaching method teaching over a long period of time, the student's language accuracy is therefore opposite to is higher, but also be applicable to degree more very a point learners.And Audio-lingual the teacher is gradually with the Fu to cantillate to train a layer type teaching, being applicable to English raw recruit very much.

    Besides Audio-lingual, target language sentence pattern of learning essential through check and supervision, is also through the Su type and the to build up, let the learner get away from a mother tongue habit towards stimulating a creation exactitude response, then learner canning, develop academic association to say a target language of new habit.

    參考資料: 烏~~~可真多啊!! 我送你的報告(中文→英文)
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  • Audio-lingual and 3P same place all are leads (teacher-central) by

    teacher, but the 3P teaching method often the teachers all are the

    establishment the,3P teaching method are fastidious in the textbook

    arrangement system present Practice Achievement, therefore has not

    taken regarding student's need with the feeling, neglected has studied

    middle-school student's status, in addition the student association

    created did not consider other the thing which had nothing to do with

    with this class, seeking knowledge wants with the creativity to

    constrain; Another kind is teaches the content to the teacher not to

    be interested, the few participation or does not participate in the

    classroom activities of language. Relatively, Audio-lingual on the

    comparison adaptation, the teacher may penetrate in the daily life the

    example to apply mechanically in the teaching, lets the student have

    the interest to study the curriculum, also can truly have the use in

    the daily life.

    The 3P teaching method takes the language the structure characteristic

    analysis, regarding the glossary, the sentence type and the grammar

    instruction similarly stressed, it is one kind of request language

    accurate unmistakable human relations law teaching. Therefore utilizes

    this teaching method teaching for a long time, student's language

    accuracy relative is quite high, but also therefore is suitable for

    degree better 1. studies. But the Audio-lingual teacher is with

    duplicate reads aloud the training gradually the level type teaching,

    extremely is suitable for English beginner.

    Moreover Audio-lingual, target language sentence pattern study

    essential penetration restriction, also is penetrates the model and

    the enhancement, lets the study to stimulate has the correct response,

    then the study may get rid of the mother tongue custom, fosters the

    academic society to say the target language the new custom.



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