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 傳統的感恩節大餐包括了烤火雞,有些家庭是以烤鵝來替代火雞;還有塞在火雞內部的填充佐料 Stuffing ,是用撕成碎片的玉米麵包 (Corn Bread) 、白麵包和芹菜等等做成的;除此之外還有用火雞肉臟煮成的濃稠淋汁 (Gravy) 。

 另外還有一樣特別的醬汁-小紅莓調味醬汁 (Cranberry Sauce) ,用的就是每年九月和十月時盛產的小紅莓。其他的配菜還包括烤洋芋泥、烤紅薯泥、青豆和比司吉等等。最後的甜點當然有應景的南瓜派,也可以準備核桃派或蘋果派。




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    Sumptuous meal of Thanksgiving Day

    The sumptuous meal included the roast turkey on traditional Thanksgiving Day, some families substitute turkeys by baking the goose; The ones that still filled in the turkey pack condiments Stuffing, made with maize bread (Corn Bread ) , white bread and celery that are torn to bits ,etc.; There is the one that boiled dirtily with turkey's meat that drenched the juice (Gravy ) thick and thick besides this.

    There is equally special dip in addition - The small red berry flavoured the dip (Cranberry Sauce ), it was the small red berry abounded with in every September and October that took. The others still ganish food including roast potato and mud , bake red mashed potatoes , green bean and more lucky than the departmenting ,etc.. Certainly the last dessert has pumpkin group doing something for the occasion, can prepare walnut sending or apple group too.

    The turkey on Thanksgiving Day specially pardons the ceremony

    In 1947, American turkey's association was with a living turkey and two false turkeys that decorated and used, presented to the US President, in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, therefore this turkey specially pardonned the ceremony and became a tradition that annual White House celebrates Thanksgiving Day, the US President will release this lucky turkey and get to the retired farm of the turkey in person, Ann enjoys natural span of life .