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星光大道是好萊塢最著名的景點之ㄧ,每年都有成千上萬的遊客前來這裡。「星光大道」(Walk of Fame)位於好萊塢大道中國戲院兩側的人行道上,灰色大理石步道上有粉紅色的星星,星星裡有五種圖案,分別代表明星在電視、電影、唱片、廣播或舞台表演的成就。此項創意由是好萊塢商會在1958年時提出的,到目前已經有兩千多位明星名留此處。新的星星都會在每年的五月三十一號前從候選名單中選出,星光大道委員會的成員會在每年六月開會決定下一個留名者。

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    Star light there is for Hollywood main road it is the most name beauty spot ¨ç,Hundreds and thousands of visitors come here every year. The pavement located in both sides of Chinese theatre of main road of Hollywood is had in ' the main road of star light ' (Walk of Fame ), there are pink stars on the grey marble pavement, there are five kinds of pattern in the stars, represent star's achievement in the TV , film , disc , broadcast or stage performance separately. This intention was put forward in 1958 by the association of dealers of Hollywood, names of more than 2,000 stars left here up till now. New stars will all be elected from the candidate list before annual May 31, star light member , main road of committee will have a meeting persons who leave behind a good reputation , the next one of decision , in one June.

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