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  • Yehoo
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    在中國,龍、鳳、龜、麒麟、魚、鶴都是中國文化裡的瑞獸。In Chinese culture, dragons, phoenixes, turtles, qilins, fish, and cranes are all auspicious beasts.

    會為人帶來吉祥、喜悅They bring luck and joy to people.

    龍是中國神話中一種變化莫測的神奇動物Changing unpredictably, dragons are magical animals in Chinese myths.

    中國人更自稱「龍的傳人」The Chinese even call themselves descendants of dragons.

    鳳凰則是中國古代傳說中的一種神鳥,象徵著吉祥、太平和美好Phoenixes, a symbol of luck, peace and happiness, are sacred birds in ancient Chinese legends.

    龜、鶴,同被視為吉祥、長壽的象徵Turtles and cranes are regarded as symbols of fortune and longevity.

    麒麟性情溫和仁厚,象徵仁慈和吉祥Qilins are gentle and kind, and represent kindness and luck.

    魚在中國古代一直被視為吉祥物,是富裕、財富的象徵。In ancient China, fish had been thought of as a symbol of wealth and riches.


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    In the Chinese culture, dragons, phoenixes, tortoises, kylins, fish, and cranes are all considered mascots or "lucky beasts"; they are believed to bring fortune and bliss to people. According to Chinese mythology, dragons are very mystical sacred animals which the Chinese people believe are their ancestors. Phoenixes are sacred birds which symbolize luck, peace, and beauty. Tortoises and cranes are known for their longevity and are therefore mascots of. Commonly known as "Chinese unicorns", Kylins tend to be tender and mild-tempered and they represent mercy and luck. Last but not least, fish have long been considered the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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    qilins and kylins mean the exact same thing, just spelled differently

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