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英翻中 誰可以幫我翻下列的字 急需贈20點

SAN FRANCISCO proper occupies just 48 hilly square miles at the tip of a slender peninsula, almost perfectly centered along the California coast. Arguably the most beautiful, certainly the most liberal city in the US, it remains true to itself: a funky, individualistic, surprisingly small city whose people pride themselves on being the cultured counterparts to their cousins in LA – the last bastion of civilization on the lunatic fringe of America. It's a compact and approachable place, where downtown streets rise on impossible gradients to reveal stunning views of the city, the bay and beyond, and blanket fogs roll in unexpectedly to envelop the city in mist. This is not the California of mono-tonous blue skies and slothful warmth – the temperatures rarely exceed the seventies, and even during summer can drop much lower.

The original inhabitants of this area, the Ohlone Indians, were all but wiped out within a few years of the establishment in 1776 of the Mission Dolores, the sixth in the chain of Spanish Catholic missions that ran the length of California. Two years after the Americans replaced the Mexicans in 1846, the discovery of gold in the Sierra foothills precipitated the rip-roaring Gold Rush. Within a year fifty thousand pioneers had traveled west, and east from China, turning San Francisco from a muddy village and wasteland of sand dunes into a thriving supply center and transit town. By the time the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, San Francisco was a lawless, rowdy boomtown of bordellos and drinking dens, something the moneyed elite – who hit it big on the much more dependable silver Comstock Load – worked hard to mend, constructing wide boulevards, parks, a cable car system and elaborate Victorian redwood mansions.


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    舊金山適當佔領48 多小山平方英哩在一個苗條半島的要訣, 幾乎完全被集中沿加利福尼亞沿海。可爭論最美麗, 一定最寬宏的城市在美國, 它保留真實對本身: 人民驕傲他們自己在是被開化的相對人對他們的表兄弟在LA 裡文明最後本營在美國 – 瘋子邊緣的一個質樸, 個人主義, 驚奇小城市。這是一個緊湊和可接洽的地方, 街市街道上升在不可能的梯度顯露城市, 海灣驚人看法和以遠, 並且毯子意想不到地使卷模糊包圍城市在薄霧裡。這不是單調藍天加利福尼亞並且slothful 溫暖 – 溫度很少超出七十, 和即使在夏天期間可能下降更低。

    這個區域原始的居民, Ohlone 印地安人, 在1776 年是所有除了消除在創立的幾歲月之內使命中Dolores, 六在跑加利福尼亞的長度西班牙寬容使命的鏈子。1846 年在美國人二年替換了墨西哥人之後, 在金子的發現上在山脈山麓小丘沉澱了吵鬧的淘金熱。在一年之內五萬個先驅西部旅行了, 和東部從中國, 把舊金山變成從沙丘一個泥濘的村莊和荒原一個興旺的供應中心和運輸鎮。1869 年當橫貫大陸的鐵路被完成了的時候, 舊金山是妓院非法, 粗暴boomtown 和飲用的小室, 某事擊中它 – 大在更加可靠的銀色Comstock 裝載艱苦工作 – 修理的有錢精華, 修建寬大道, 公園, 纜車系統和詳盡闡述Victorian 紅木豪宅。


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