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    My brother and I always get into arguments, even fights for insignificant things. I think both of us really need to reflect upon ourselves. We always show lack of respect toward our most intimate family members because we always believe that they should understand us because we are family. However, it may not be true. We always perceive things in our own perspectives, and judge things based on our perceptions, hurting those we love the most in the end. After every fight, I sincerely wonder why I cause such trouble? However, I still cannot avoid the next fight. It makes me think the fight is inevitable. It is impossible to never fight again, never have peace with each other. Although it may sound passimistic, but I really believe so. The only think I can hope for is the next fight won't happen for a long time. Next time we have a problem, I will try to make myself calm, with more patience, speak in a less offensive tone, not to tear each other's scar, maybe the relationship between my brother and I will be closer. Actually, even with our constant fighting, I think my brother and I have a close relationship. But I wish we could fight a lot less. I think both of us are learning to to do that.

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