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請幫我翻譯成英文 拜託拜託><"

有一次 我和朋友在聊天的時候, 聽到她說他的主管對他百般刁難,

不管做什麼事情都有意見, 主管對其他人的態度和對他的態度有差別待遇,

因為她只是個助理 ,但主管沒有想到說, 其實助理要做的東西才更重要 ,主管之想著會為他賺錢的人 ,所以對他這個助理的態度總是很不好 ,她也忍了很久, 直到有一次 主管為了公司發的東西找不到而怪罪我朋友,說他沒有把東西顧好讓別人拿走了, 我朋友覺得很委屈於是跟他主管爭論了起來

但他主管對他本來就不好 2個人就吵了一架 我朋友一氣之下 就不幹了 之後要找工作 找ㄌ好久都找不到 但因為她總是把很多事都壓抑著而不提出所以事情癥結總是存在

如果是我我會把統計的數量拿給他看 ,再問他是否已經把東西拿走而忘記了, 因為東西不見是事實但因為也有可能是他自己拿回家而忘了 ,不會去跟主管吵架 因為得不償失ㄚ !

搞不好也因為這次事件會讓主管對我刮目相看 ,不再認為我只是個小小的助理而已 ,因為一時的衝動而丟了工作 的確也是個很不智的行為

現在也很多事情要學習著靠EQ解決 ,溝通也是一大要件 所以一起共事只要有問題就要講 隱忍久了真的會出問題 當下發現問題就馬上解決 才是最好的 !!

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    Have once me with at the time of chatting, the friend hears the supervisor that she say him making difficulties for in every possible way to him ,Ignore to do what things all have intention to see, supervisor's attitude to others and have difference treatment to his attitude,She is just an assistant, but the supervisor didn't think of to say, in fact the assistant would not more important until do of thing be, the supervisor thinks and would make money for him of person, so always not very good to his attitude of this assistant, she also endured for a long time, until has the thing that a supervisor delivers for the sake of the company to could not find but blame my friend, say he attended to the thing to let the other people didn't take away, my friend feel to discommode very much hence dispute to get up with his supervisor But his supervisor is original to him not like 2 people didn't after doing fight 1 my friend in a pet to want to find a work to find to all could not find for a long time but don't puts forward because she always suppresses a lot of matters all so the thing crux always exists If is me I would statistics of the amount take to let him see, ask again whether he have already taken away thing and forget or not, because thing's disappearing is a fact but because of also probably is he takes to go home by himself and forget, will not go to fight with supervisor because of losing more than gain!

    Make not and very also because this affairs will let supervisor to my in different light, no longer think I am just a very small assistant, because of a fit of impulse and throw a work really is also a very unwise behavior

    Now also a lot of things want to learn to be resolved by EQ, communicating is also one big important item so work together together to have a problem only will speak to bear long really go wrong to find a problem at that moment right away resolve is the best!!

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    有一次 .........個助理 ,

    Once I chatted with my friend, she told me that her supervisor treat her very bad and had comments to everything she had done. Also the supervsior's standard and attitude to other colleagues are so different to her because she is just an assistant.

    但主管沒有想到說, 其實助理要做的東西才更重要 ,.......我朋友覺得很委屈於是跟他主管爭論了起來

    The supervisor doesn't notice that assistant's tasks are very important. The supervisor always pays attention to those colleagues who can make money for this company. That's why he is so bad to the assistant. She has been keeping and accepting his bad attitude for long time until once he blamed my friend because he couldn't find a company issued document. And he thought my friend didn't really watch the document, that's why it was taken by someone else. My friend felt so wronged then she had a big argument with her supervisor.

    但他主管對他本來就不好 ......不會去跟主管吵架 因為得不償失ㄚ !

    So my friend just quited her job after the big fight. She has been unempolyed for a long time. I think the main reason is, she always keeps everything in her mind only and does't speak out, that's why the main problems are always existing. If I was she, I would just show the reports to her supervisor, then ask him if he already took those stuffs home and forget. I would try to explain to him instead of fight with him. Actually, it's not worth to fighting with my boss!!

    搞不好也因為這次事件會讓主管對我刮目相看 ......不智的行為

    Also the boss maybe will have another thought about my working attitude and skills, and he probably will not think I am an assistant only. Lossing a job because of the over-reactive is not really wise.

    現在也很多事情要學習著靠EQ解決 .......才是最好的 !!

    We have to learn how to solve the problems with our EQ. Also good communication is another big issue. So if we have to work together with our colleagues, when we find out the problems, we should just point them out right the way. That is the best solution. Keeping the problmes in mind and not discussing will just cause the problems being bigger.

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