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1.我們已有聽說過這消息, 但除了waterloo這架家公司外, 是否還可從其他公司得到forecast, 畢竟NCR是間全球性的公司, 目前G&O和HMT都有很大的MOQ壓力, 因此更需要forecast來協助他們, 且HMT已在抱怨材料庫存達15.5萬美金, 若不給forecast這將造成他們很大的負擔, 非常謝謝你的幫忙, 要是沒你的協助, 我們將無法解決問題

2.我們已收到你的需求, 但由於item過多, 因此是否可提供報價優先順序或deadline給我們, 另外, 想詢問此些報價是2008年的案子嗎?

3.復健是我整理出來目前HMT已承認的樣品(G&O未承認), 因我們已和G&O恢復合作關係, 所以我打算請G&O報價, 若CTI可接受價格將送樣承認, 以便往後兩家廠商可替換, 但目前需要你的協助確認這些ITEM是否都還有效, 若有效, 我才回請G&O報價


5.謝謝你的回覆, 可否請問Rrome將住在香港哪間飯店?

6.我們已通知HMT盡快申請合同, 這是G&O的報價提供給你參考, 這價格高於HMT, 但由於HMT申請合同需1個月,因此是否可慮這張訂單先向G&O購買

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    我又來了, 希望再幫到你吧:

    1.We have heard about this news; however, except for Waterloo, please advise if there is any other company that has forecase. After all, NCR is a global coperation and both G&O and HMT are under high MOQ pressure at this moment; therefore, they need this forecast to assist them. Moreover, HMT has been complaining that the material in stock had been up to US$155,000(One fifty-five thousand dollars). Without the forecast, it will make them carry large burden. Thank you very much for your help! We will not be able to solve the problem without your help.

    2. We have receive your enquiry. However, since there are too many items involved, could you please let us know the priority sequence or deadline to us. In addition, we would like to know if this enquiry is for the case in 2008 or not.

    3. The attached files are the samples that HMT has approved, (but not by G&O). Since we have restore the business relationship with G&O, we are going to have G&O quote for us if CTI can accept the prices and approve the samples in order for two manufacturers to exchange. But I will need your help right now confirming if these items are still efficient, if they are, I will have G&O to quote.

    4. I will have the quotation from G&O for you later.

    5. Thank you for your reply, could you please let us know which hotel in Hong Kong Rrome stays?

    6. We have informed HMT to apply contract as soon as possible. Following is the quotation from G&O for your reference, the prices are higher than HMT but since it will take one month for HMT to apply contract, please advise if you can consider to purchase from G&O for this order first.

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