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大學畢業前因個性較浮躁,無法確定自己未來想走的道路.所以待過不同產業.也經歷過許多職務..但也因此可以累積不同的工作經驗, 承蒙許多老闆及同事的指教,所以工廠管理的相關工作及會計工作,我都能愉快勝任。


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    The pass through a college reason individuality is impetuous, is unable to determine oneself future will think path. Has waited for the different industry. Also has experienced many duties. But also therefore may accumulate the different work experience, is indebted many bosses and colleague's advising, therefore plant management's related work and the accountancy, I can be competent happily.

    Moreover, because I have contacted the many kinds of duty categories, therefore when faces in the work the difficult position, can by the different angle consider and make the appropriate judgment. In addition because the natural disposition is optimistic, everything will look as far as possible toward the good aspect. Therefore and supplier. Customer and boss. Relations between subordinate's are good, I thought that above is personally in the work superiority.

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    參考資料: 滿多人在上面討論求職英文翻譯的事
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