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Eight subjects (six males two females) were recruited by flyers posted in a rehabilitation hospital and underwent surface electromyographic (sEMG) assessment while performing the prone and supine bridging maneuvers. The target population was between the ages of 18 and 65 yrs, healthy and without a recent history of back pain. Exclusion criteria included a history of angina, emphysema, abnormality, abdominal or back surgery within the past year, cervical strain, and other pain conditions. The subjects were asked to complete a demographics from for the purpose of establishing age weight, height, gender, and frequency if exercise in an average week.

After becoming familiarized with the test exercises surface electrodes were placed over four muscle groups in a bipolar configuration on the right side of the body: rectus abdominis, external oblique, erector spinae, and hamstring. The rectus abdimins site was centered on the muscle belly midway between the pubis and the umbilicus. The external oblique site was 5 cm above the anterior superior iliac spine. The erector spinae site was 2 cm lateral to the L4-L5 interspace, and the hamstring sire was at the midpoint of the muscle bellies. The hamstring was used instead of the gluteus maximus because of easier access and the technical advantage of less overlying adipose tissue. The skin was prepped by shaving the hair, applying gentle abrasion with an emery biard, and cleansing with an alcohol swab. The paired electrodes were placed perpendicular to the muscle fibers, 3 inches apart. Sensitivity of the amplifier was set at 0.1 mV per division. Custom-written Labview software was used for data acquisition and analysis.



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    如果有狹心症 肺氣腫 或是近年來腹部或背部有過外科手術 或是頸部周圍組織拉傷 或其他疼痛的情況的人都會被排除

    受測者會被詢問他們的年齡 體重 身高 性別 跟平均每星期運動的次數來完成一份統計的表格

    在熟悉所要測試的運動後 這些表面電極片會用bipolar(兩極)的貼法

    貼在身體右側的四個肌肉群上rectus abdominis, external oblique, erector spinae, and hamstring(腹直肌 腹外斜肌 背直肌 腿後肌)






    會選 hamstring而不用臀大肌的原因是因為覆蓋的脂肪組織少 會比較好評估跟測試容易的優點

    皮膚上的毛髮要刮除用酒精擦拭和用emery biard輕輕刷過皮膚


    設定0.1 mV是每一次感覺測試電量的增加的幅度

    使用Custom-written Labview 軟體作為資料取得和分析

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