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Second, the technical-support group handles incoming phone requests. This happens most often when the problem is a minor one that does not cause the failure of an entire system. Anyone, whether a customer or not, can call into the technical-support group directly and request some technical assistance or a “phone fix” at no charge. Compufix is proud of the fact that many Microsoft employees call the company with technical questions about computer equipment, even though Microsoft isn’t currently a client of the company. According to one employee in technical support, “this kind of inquiry proves that we are held in high regard.

John Hiser would like to improve the efficiency of technical support. In his words,

We have good people working there-actually some of the best technicians in the company-but the phone system is the pits. As an experiment, I recently tried to call in. It took me three tries to get an open line, and then I was put on hold for ten minutes. We have had some problems with excessive turnover of personnel in technical support. Morale seems to be low. I think the nine people we have there are just overloaded.

The lab is responsible for fixing defective equipment or parts that cannot be fixed on-site by a field engineer. The repaired parts are stored in a large depot next to the lab. Under the direction of its new manager, Doug White, the lab/depot has undergone some major changes in its operations. Doug white is another ex-Navy man. He started out as a field engineer, then moved into technical support, and was appointed to his current position in early 1995.For a time, Compufix’s lab performed warranty work on a wide range of OEM provider for work performed. Following Doug’s suggestion, Compufix has started to get out of the warranty business since it has proved to be very unprofitable. Originally, Compufix took on warranty business as a means of forming alliances. These alliances have not proved profitable of have not materialized.




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    其次, 技術支持小組把柄接踵而來的電話請求。這經常發生當問題是較小一個不導致一個整個系統的失敗。任何人, 不管顧客或不是, 可能叫入直接地技術支持小組和免費請求一些技術協助或"電話固定" 。Compufix 為事實是驕傲的許多微軟雇員告訴公司以關於電腦設備的技術問題, 即使微軟當前不是公司的客戶。根據一名雇員在技術支持, "這种詢問證明, 我們被拿著在極其尊重。

    約翰・Hiser 會想改進技術支持效率。在他的詞, 我們有好人there-actually 服務一些最佳的技術員在公司但電話系統是坑。作為實驗, 我最近設法叫。這花費我三次嘗試得到一條開放線, 並且我然後留在十分鐘。我們有有人員過份轉交的一些問題在技術支持。士氣似乎是降低。我認為我們有的九人民那裡被超載。

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