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成本分析技巧與議價談判技巧是採購人員最為重要的專業功能領域, 故買方應懂得進行成本分析,而採用以成本為基礎的議價方式(cost-based pricing),藉以建立雙方的長期合作機制。


 有兩種重要原因導致上述結果,一是談判雙方至少是有一方在談判中沒有很高的誠意, 另一種原因是,這兩方的談判者沒有能夠在有限的談判時間內充分掌握談判的原則與技巧,使雙方的利益得到最大化,同時,雙方也沒有意識到談判的成功要求談判者除了熟練掌握商務談判的專業內容之外,還要遵循一定的科學方法與步驟來控制談判的進程。



在談判雙方彼此存在長期合作誠意的前提條件下,在此提出一個“商務談判三步曲”的概念,即談判的步驟應該為申明價值(Claiming value)、創造價值(Creating value)和克服障礙(Overcoming barriers to agreement)三個進程。目的就是給每一位商務談判者提供一個有效掌握談判進程的框架。

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    Cost analysis skill and negociation price negotiate skill to purchase personnel important professional function field most, so the buyer should know how to carry on cost analysis, and adopt the way of negociation price (cost-based pricing) based on cost ,Use to set up the long-term cooperative mechanisms of both sides.

    Personnel, must improve the negotiation ability of the negociation price even more as purchasing, in the commercial negotiation, both sides negotiating are not hostile relations after all, but not conflict and contradiction not having interests either. In having negotiation between any skill and principle, the negotiator will often fall into the condition hard to extricate oneself, it is not the negotiation that comes to a deadlock, both sides do not always think after reaching an agreement the goals of both sides reach, or it always seems to lose a feeling of playing a game to negotiate one party.

    Two kinds of important reasons cause above-mentioned results, first, negotiating parties have sincerity not very high in the negotiation of one party at least, another kind of reason is, these two square negotiators fail to fully grasp principle and skill of the negotiation within limited negotiation time, make of both sides interests maximize, meanwhile, both sides have success negotiated to realize require negotiator besides grasping the professional content of commercial negotiation skillfully either, follow certain scientific method to control the process of the negotiation with the step.

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