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請幫我解答這些英文問題 !內容越豐富越好!

1How to recycle?

2How to stop pollution?

3Why the environment is important?

4What can one person do to improve the environment?

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    1.How to recycle?


    1.Find out what recycling programs or centers exist in your area. It's no use trying to recycle something if no processing center exists. A good resource for programs in the U.S. can be found at

    2. Determine what categories of items can be recycled in your area, then designate a separate location for each category. For example, if a nearby center accepts aluminum cans, plastic drink

    bottles, and newspapers, you will want to have separate bins for each type of item, as well as a

    waste bin for non-recyclable wastes.

    3. Leave your bins in an appropriate collection area, or take your recycling to a processing center

    yourself once you've accumulated enough to make it worth the trip.

    2. How to stop pollution?

    Ans: One of the best things you can do to stop pollution is to stop polluting yourself and look in your mirror. Recycle your trash when you can and keep your car tuned up so that it runs efficiently. You

    could also keep your home immaculate as an example and try not to waste water. You could teach your children about the environment and teach them not to litter. You should be doing all these

    things already. One thing you can do is volunteer after civic events to work on the trash clean-up

    crew with your kids, this will teach them to be good stewards and not to pollute.

    3. Why the environment is important?

    continue below.

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    3. Why the environment is important?

    Ans: Our life-support system's health is maintained by all the species that make-up the biosphere—from the smallest to the largest (our biodiversity). The survival of all these species are interconnected and dependent on each other.

    2007-11-17 02:21:29 補充:

    Bacteria and insects break down organic material to produce soil and nutrients so plants can grow. Plants provide oxygen and food for animals and many other benefits. Bees, other insects, and animals pollinate the plants so they can reproduce and keep the cycle going.

    2007-11-17 02:22:06 補充:

    If humanity causes the extinction of one species—it's really the extinction of many species and the decline of our life-support system for ourselves and future generations.

    2007-11-17 02:22:40 補充:

    4. What can one person do to improve the environment?

    1. Re-use envelopes by purchasing sticky labels to put on envelopes that are sent to you. It's cheaper too!

    2007-11-17 02:23:16 補充:

    2. Send e-cards not paper or card ones. The thought is what's important, not the material.

    If you add up the cost over a year's celebrations it really does make a difference.

    3. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposables.

    4. Use cloths rather than disposable kitchen roll. Saves you money!

    參考資料: google, google
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    1 該如何回收?

    2 該如何停止污染?

    3 環境為什麼很重要?

    4 一個人能做什麼改善環境?

    參考資料: 譯言堂
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