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時尚外觀 提升運動形象 The appearance of vogue

從外型觀察,國產Focus TDCi的車頭與進口車不太一樣,為了提升運動形象,特別加大了下氣壩,並改造霧燈環框,國產版更換上了時尚的後視鏡式方向燈。


五門車款 為玩家設計


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    Fashion campaign appearance enhance the image The appearance of vogue

    From the appearance observation, the domestic front and Focus TDCi imported cars is not the same, in order to enhance the image of sport, especially under the air dam has increased, the transformation of fog lights and ring frame, a homemade version of the replacement on the rearview mirror of fashion direction lights.

    The contents, in order to reduce costs, four diesel vehicles equipped with abandon in a petrol vehicles owned by AFS headlamps active steering, front passenger seat airbags, electric sunroof, driver's seat electric chair, touch screen and ESP stability control system traffic, but more China-made cars and rare One-Touch 4 electric door window, as six CD phonograph player, leather, dual-zone temperature air conditioning, ABS, EBD would be standard equipment.

    Five cars designed for gamers

    Performance cars aimed at the five players the standard diesel vehicles, including movement of chairs, AFS, double open sunroof, ABS, EBD, ESP and the driver's seat airbag.><

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