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SAT private tutor

Since I am a sophmore and I am taking the SAT soon, I need to have a private tutor. It is not Princeton Review that I want. I need a tutor like one bu one. You any of you guys know any?

I need:

AP Economic

Math tutor (teachs PreCalculus and understand english textbooks, SAT II IIC)

English tutor (Reading and Writing for SAT I)

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    Go to this website. I found a good tutor here.

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    6 年前






    再享超值優惠$ 20,000現金折扣或 免費60堂課 2選一

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    Excuse me, are you looking for private tutor in the U.S or in Taiwan?

    I used service from IVY West when I was in the U.S. They provide one on one (not one by one) tutoring service in the U.S. But was about 12 years ago, so I don't know too much detail now.

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    i believe "Princeton Review" have tutor that is one by one.

    if u dont like, i believe u can find good one at


    and... there is one that was good!! i had him last year.

    here is his blog. take a look


    參考資料: me
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