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超急....中翻英,哪位英文高手可以幫我!? 20點

談判的架構(過程)可分為確認或預期採購的需求, 決定談判的必要性, 擬定談判計畫(who/what/when/why/how), 進行談判, 執行協議。

(1)確認或預期採購的需求, 包含有填寫請購單, Over stock, Order, 新產品開發計畫, 新設備的投資計畫。

(2)決定談判的必要性, 包含有是否有足夠的投標者? 價格以外的問題多還是少? 合約金額大嗎? 是否牽涉複雜的技術問題? 合約是否牽涉資本密集的廠房與設備? 合約是否牽涉雙方的合作關係? 供應商將執行有附加價值的活動嗎? 交貨期很長嗎? 風險與不確定性很高嗎?

(3)談判的計畫(who/what/when/why/how), 包含有指派參與會談者是指個人與團隊;技能(語言與口才)與授權;設定目標包含有價格, 品質, 交貨, 服務;分析優劣勢是指己方及對方;收集情報包含供應商的產能與成本, 財務狀況, 市場結構, 價格趨勢;確認對手需求,例如:提高價格, 增加數量, 提早付款, 延後交期;澄清事實與問題是指接受事實,解決問題;建立立場(底線)是指上限與下限;設計策略與戰術可分為壓榨, 平衡, 多角化策略、敵對, 合作、主動(提問)、被動(沉默)戰術;向相關人員簡報是指集思廣益,檢視缺失;談判演練指熟能生巧。

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    有幾個詞我查不到 sorry!

    (1)The confirmation or the anticipated purchase demand, contains has

    fills in invites the purchase order, Over stock, Order, new product

    development plan, new equipment investment plan.

    (2)The decision negotiations necessity, contains has whether has the foot

    夠 bidder? Outside the price question many or are few? The contract

    amount is big? Whether involves the complex technical question?

    Whether the contract does involve the capital crowded workshop and the

    equipment? Whether the contract does involve the bilateral cooperation

    relations? The supplier will carry out has the attachment value the

    activity? The date of delivery is very long? The risk and the

    determinism very is not high?

    (3)The negotiations plan (who/what/when/why/how), contains has appoints

    the participation discussion is refers to individual and the team;

    Skill (language and eloquence) and authorization; The hypothesis goal

    contains has the price, the quality, the delivery, the service;

    Analyzes the superior inferiority refers to 己方 and opposite party; The collection information contains the supplier to produce can and

    the cost, the financial condition, the market mechanism, the price

    tendency; Confirms the match demand, for example: Enhances the price,

    increases the quantity, shifts to an earlier time the payment,

    postpones 交期; Clarifies the fact and the question is refers

    accepts the fact, the solution question; The establishment standpoint

    (agent) is refers to the upper limit and the lower limit; The design

    strategy and the tactic may divide into squeezing, the balance,

    multangular strategy, hostile, the cooperation, initiative (inquiry),

    is passive (silence) the tactic; Is refers to the correlation

    personnel bulletin profits by opinions from various sources,

    inspection flaw; The negotiations trains refers to practice make perfect.

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