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怎麼用英文寫這一段 ?



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    Scene according to the circumstances that the poem describes the moon and makes alone . Leave and drink alone in the moon, is originally lonely, but the poet uses abundant imagination , ' three people ' becoming the moon and one's own figure not so badly so-called. Word think of ' spring ' word from ' flower ', from ' drink ' to ' the song ' , ' the dance ' , play up the lonely environment very much lively, not merely the pen and ink catches the spirit, the lonely broad-minded individual character and emotion unruly that the more important thing is and express a poet to divert oneself from loneliness or boredom kindly by oneself.

    Looking from surface, the poet can seem to be really be content with one's lot, but it is limitless and dreary that the back is full of . The poet has reached the moon and shadow of inviting lonelily , but more than that, even the years in the future, can not find it with the people drinking it either. So, can only form and visit with the moonlight figure forever , and make an appointment and meet again in the sky fairyland .

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