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(ex:the differences between the print and broadcast media)








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另外翻譯時,因為字數限制的問題,可以不參入中文,標名1.2.3.4就可以了..這樣我就會看得懂得^ ^謝謝

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4和6的受眾,可以以聽眾這個單字作為解釋^ ^

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  • 1 0 年前

    The plane media and the broadcast media have differently what?

    (ex:the differences between the print and broadcast media)

    The two all report the news, therefore and does not have the too big difference in the news choices and in the value judgment, but because of the media condition, the characteristic different has the difference:

    1. plane media to print the media, takes the writing indication the condition; The broadcast is the sound media, takes skill which expresses by the sound. Receives the tool also to be naturally different.

    2. radio newses write a draft essential attention anglicizing and simplify the principle; The plane media takes integrity and the depth expression the report.

    3. newspapers one day publish one time, the broadcast momentarily disseminates news the news, processing is completely different in the effectiveness, the fast dissemination is superiority of the radio news, must therefore take effectiveness of the news as well as the long-enduring renewal, the audience easy to take advantage of this receive the most recent news. But the depth and the breadth are the newspaper relative superiority, can highlight its advantage.

    4. receives the audiences to receive the behavior to be different, including listens to the looker-in the way, the place, the time to differ from. The example: When a person is being engaged in some matter's time, is unable to read the newspaper, but actually may listen to the broadcast attraction, even on the one hand handles on the other hand business to listen to the broadcast on hand. But the newspaper is unable to accomplish. But relative, the majority of young tribal grouping tribal groups have the surfer custom, but wonderful Moroccan news these years also already gradually had substituted recently for the tradition newspapers and magazines, become recently most receive welcome the reading news the way.

    2007-11-11 15:02:41 補充:

    5. plane media (newspapers and magazines) may preserve cannot vanish, may momentarily take reads. What is the radio news hears is what, has not heard has not heard.

    2007-11-11 15:03:11 補充:

    6. receives the audiences to receive the consumer behavior to be different. The newspaper must pay expenses the subscription or the purchase side obtains the news; The broadcast does not need to pay expenses, only want supplies for oneself the radio to obtain the news.

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  • 1 0 年前


    All of twos report news, so judge in the news taking or rejecting and value up have no too big difference, but because of media condition, characteristic dissimilarity and creation difference:


    1.In order to print media, the flat surface media value the condition that the writing expresses;The broadcast is orotund media, valuing the technique which expresses with the voice.Receive tool nature also dissimilarity.


    2.Broadcasting the news writes an essential attention to use common idiom and simplifies a principle;The flat surface media then value integrity and depth of report more to express.


    3.The newspaper publishes once a day, broadcasting to then report news at any time, on the time limited efficacy it processing totally different, the fast dissemination broadcasts the advantage of news, so have to value the time limited efficacy of news and keep on sexual renewal, the audience receives the latest message by this easily.And the depth and wide degree then is a newspaper comparative advantage, can highlight its beneficial condition.

    2007-11-10 06:43:56 補充:


    5.Flat surface media(report chapter magazine)'s canning keep will not disappear, can take to read at any time.Broadcast news to then hear what is what, have no what to hear is do not hear.

    2007-11-10 06:44:21 補充:

    6.Be subjected to many receive to consume behavior a dissimilarity.Newspaper's hasing to pay a subscription or purchase a square has to obtain a message;Broadcasting then is to need not to pay, but must the self-provided radio has already obtained a message.

    2007-11-10 06:45:26 補充:

    上面因為字數限制不能打國自了 抱歉 我繼續補充

    2007-11-10 06:48:23 補充:

    4.Be subjected to many receive a behavior dissimilarity, the way, location, time which includes to listen to watch all has a dissimilarity.Give examples to say:

    2007-11-10 06:48:52 補充:

    When a person is working on a certain thing of time, can't read newspaper, but can listen to broadcast attraction, handle very and simultaneously at hand business to listen to broadcast simultaneously.And the newspaper can't then accomplish.

    2007-11-10 06:50:30 補充:

    But opposite of, greatly part of young ethnicities all get into the habit of getting to the Internet, and Kimo news has already replaced a traditional report chapter a magazine gradually as well for recent this several years, becoming the most popular read news recently of way.

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