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Kangaroo(skin-to-skin contact) care facilitates the maintenance of safe temperature in newborn infants. Concern persists that infants will become

while breastfeeding,however especially if in skin-to-skin contact with the mother. This concern might especially realistic for infants experiencing

breastfeeding difficulties. The objective was to measure temperature

during a study of mothers and infants who were having breastfeeding

difficulaties during early postpartum and were given opportunities to

experience skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding.

Forty-eight full-term infants were investigated using a pretest-test-posttest study design.Temporal artery temperature was measured before,after,and once during 3 consecutive skin-to-skin breastfeeding interventious and 1

intervention 24 hours after the first intervention.

During skin-to-skin contact,most infants reached and maintained

temperature between 36.5 and 37.6, the thermoneutral range,with only

rare exceptions.

The temperatures of study infants reached remained at the thermoneutral

range during breastfeeding in skin-to-skin contact. The data suggest that

mothers may the ability to modulate their infant`s temperature during skin-to-skin contact if given the opportunity. Hospital staff and parents can

be reassured that, with respect to their temperature,healthy newborn infants,with or without breastfeeding difficulties, may safely breastfeeding in skin-to-skin contact with their mothers.

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    Kangaroo(skin 對皮膚聯絡) 關心促進安全溫度維護在新出生嬰兒。關心堅持, 嬰兒將成為當breastfeeding, 特別是如果在皮膚對皮膚聯絡與母親。這關心可能特別現實為嬰兒體驗breastfeeding 困難。宗旨將測量溫度在有breastfeeding difficulaties 在早期postpartum 期間和提供機會體驗皮膚對皮膚聯絡在breastfeeding 期間母親和嬰兒期間的研究。

    四十八個充分期限嬰兒被調查了使用預告測驗測試posttest 研究design.Temporal 動脈溫度被測量了在,

    在, 和一次在3 連貫皮膚對皮膚breastfeeding interventious 和1 干預期間以後之前24 小時在第一干預以後。

    在皮膚對皮膚聯絡期間, 多數嬰兒被到達和被維護的溫度在36.5 和37.6, thermoneutral 範圍之間, 有唯一罕見的例外。

    溫度研究嬰兒到達了保留在thermoneutral 範圍在breastfeeding 期間在皮膚對皮膚聯絡。資料建議, 母親可以能力調整他們的infant`s 溫度在皮膚對皮膚聯絡期間如果提供機會。醫院職員和父母可能被再保險, 談到他們的溫度, 健康新出生嬰兒, 有或沒有breastfeeding 困難, 可以安全地breastfeeding 在皮膚對皮膚聯絡與他們的母親。

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