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Computerized society 「這是我自己下的title」

In human’s life, the computer has already a part of necessary living at present. We couldn’t keep off it.It changes our learning, work and social economic mode. It isn't only a very useful tool, but also is very capable and high-efficiency servant. Although it can't be like a person who has the thinking of creations, it can do anything by your order. It always follows the host's order and looks for a result repeatedly. Along with the development of Internet, it is the big hero that gets up the computers connection of the world. People of the world can be more convenient to communicate each other at the internet. No matter where do you live, it just connect to get to the internet. And then you can communicate with the computers of the world. People's communicated interaction is not limit, the mode of life and work also has a change from the computers. The times of the computers change people's relationship. It corroborates “to turn complicated is simple of idea” and becomes a target of living.

書上給的topics是 how computers are changing society


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    Computerized society 「這是我自己下的title」

    我改為較容易讓人瞭解, 請自行對照其中異同。

    The computer has already been a necessary part in human’s daily life now. We can’t live without it. It changes the mode of our learning, work and social economy. It serves as a useful tool and also a very capable and highly efficient servant. Despite its lacking thinking abilities like humans, it can follow every order you give. It will come out with results you want. In light of the internet development, it plays the major role by getting us connected to the world, making it more convenient for people, wherever they may be, to communicate with each other. Human interaction by internet communication is unlimited. The mode of our life and work also undergoes a noticeable change with the existence of the computer. It also marks a big change of the relationship between people. It proves the idea, ‘turn the complicated into the simple’ and forms an important partner in our living.

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