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P.S 勿用翻譯機直接翻譯

1. 如下為HMT提供需consign的部份, 另外, 由於Grace還在與HMT協商是否可不收取樣品費, 最慢禮拜三前會確認給你, 為你帶來的不便, 再此深感抱歉

2. 很謝謝你之前提供給我們的forecast, 但是否方便可再提供更詳細點的資料(可參考附件中CTI之前所提供的forcast),另外. 如你前陣子在電話中談到以你現在所提供的每個禮拜forecast乘上26便是6個月的forecast. 請問你多久會再update一次?



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  • Andy H
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    1 0 年前

    Please find the needed consigning part for HMT, in addition, Grace is still working with HMT for the possibility of waving the sample charge, the final confirmation will be on Wed., sorry for all the trouble.

    Thank you for the forecast that you provided, however, if possible, please give us a bit more detailed information(please see the forecast from CTI in the file attached). As you mentioned in your phone call before, if we multiply the weekly forecast by 26, we can take that as the forecast for the next six months. When can you give us an update?

  • 1 0 年前

    1. is as follows is HMT raises supply and demand consign the part,

    moreover, because Grace also in with HMT consults whether can not

    charge the sample fee, in front of slowest Wednesday can confirm gives

    you, brings inconvenient for you, again this deeply feels the regret

    2. very much thank you in front of provides for ours forecast,

    but (forcast which whether facilitates may again provide a more

    detailed 細點 material to be possible to refer to in appendix in

    front of CTI provides), moreover How long if in front of you does the

    time period talk about each week forecast in the telephone which now

    provides by you to ride 26 then is 6 month-long forecast. asks you to

    be able again update?