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壹滾 發問時間: 教育與參考其他:教育 · 1 0 年前




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  • weiwei
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    1 0 年前

    The students of Denmark are known to be the ones who love studying the most. They take skill education very importantly and value every single job. Their opinion of equal rights make them believe that everyone is important. The concept of everyone should be useful help build children's self-esteem and self-confidence. That is because everyone, regarding your gender, age and nationality..etc is valuable, no one can be left behind. The average age of students graduating university is 28. The education in Denmark is free for all ages and was once free for international exchanged students before this year. There is even the concept of "zero grade" in Denmark's primary schools.

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    一定正確...................? I don't want to criticise...but seriously...銀焰...讓大家投票吧...

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  • ?
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    1 0 年前


    Denmark's students are the world most falls in love study the students, they take the technique duty education extremely, because the Dane all similarly respects to each kind of work, but lives the equal idea to let them believe, “children all cannot be few”, all must become the useful person, such idea, for all child self-respect and self-confident, because each people equally are all important, everybody cannot give up.Danish University graduates the average age is 28 years old, studies all free in Denmark, before this year, even the overseas foreign students all are continually same, Denmark's elementary school, some is called “the zero grade” concept.


    2007-11-16 23:03:52 補充: