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”咖啡濃度” 的英文說法

請問 "咖啡濃度" 的英文說法


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    請問 "咖啡濃度" 的英文說法 -----

    某咖啡達人Jerry所作的"Groovy Brew"(泡得讚)網站裡,各種咖啡知識五花八門,其中有一篇文字專講濃度的,標題就是"Coffee Strength" (網址http://coffee.groovybrew.com/coffee-strength%EF%BC...

    Coffee Strength

    Created by Jerry on 30 May 2007 | Tagged as: Coffee Stories

    I've been experimenting a lot with how much coffee to use per cup of water, and have come to a startling conclusion: there is no such thing as coffee that is too strong.

    其他許多網站也多用到"coffee strength"一詞,舉例:

    Percol Fairtrade Organic Latin America Ground Coffee Strength 3 250g. Product images only available to logged in users Back to Products ... 咖啡濃度3

    The number of water doses corresponding to the capacity of the filter-holder bowl engaged and the desired coffee strength is obtained by means of an ... 所要的咖啡濃度

    Choose from five grind levels and three coffee-strength settings. The solid-steel burrs turn slowly to protect the flavor of the bean, providing optimal ... 三種咖啡濃度設定

    2007-11-13 11:09:00 補充:

    有意思!用"coffee's compression"當關鍵字,在Google搜尋結果是這樣的"Your search - "coffee's compression" - did not match any documents." :找不到有這樣用的網站。而"coffee's density"有四則,而"coffee's thickness"有一則,也很稀有。

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    1. coffee's density

    2. coffee's thickness

    3. coffee's compression

    Perhaps these are not answers you want, still hope my suggestions work.

    參考資料: Grace TA's contributions