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which color is the best for s

just as my topic implies, which color is the best for studying?

i need some information and facts for my Science Fair project, in my own opinion i think the best word color is black, and the best background

color is white, just like the kind we are using everyday in common..

but i need some experiments or facts to prove my poins, and maybe the

one i have mentioned before is not completely correct, so...

by the way, both English and Chinese information are accetable, and it'll

be much better if you give me much more information

thanks a lot!!


additionally, please also add something below if you can:

1. the colors you LIKE for both WORDS and BACKGROUND

2. the colors you THINK will be the best for studying for most of the people, and reasons

infinitive thanks>

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  • 1 0 年前

    Um, I would say WHITE is the best color for helping people to study.

    People who are trying to study need a quiet environment to concentrate on the the study object.

    WHITE makes a good condition to refresh our mind.

    Actually I personally prefer WHITE and quiet condition as well.

    I can't concentrate if there's a music played. Music is colorful, it's not just one particular color.

    As least we need the brighter environment when we are studying.

    ~~~For your information, hopefully this works with you.~~~

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  • 1 0 年前

    why are you say~~~for

    the background color is white woo~~alike....

    you mean I can't understand fully~~

    maybe find the color is you like more....

    let you near the Science Fair project

    everyone like color so disaccord....

    that all

    參考資料: me
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