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    (((preface )))

    Nursing staff and patient establish good care relation, the patient can obtain support of psychology and sense of safety , and concern a nursing staff and can collect to more perfect materials through good care, make patients obtain real recovery from illness.

    Because the chronic patient usually needs to look after and maintain daily life with resources, and the nursing staff is the important role who supports patient's life, the treatment that the nursing staff should totally control and is entrusted , persons who turn into real treatment afterwards.

    The patient of the chronic disease treats and replies and is strong in the course and the nursing staff is often interdynamic, among them the nursing staff treats patients and accomplishes understanding , admitting , same soon, patiently, comfortable problem that and offer psychological consolation in good time and meet patient's in good time .

    The chronic disease causes a lot of impacts to the patient's health , psychology , society every aspect, so the nursing staff should take the chronic patient's demand , including medical treatment , psychological intelligence , supporting the self-care ability of the system and daily life into account .

    The nurse should also pay attention to the explanation of the disease relevant materials offering and condition after the nervous and busy work on ordinary days, is it care patient and his problem that household may might appear with need in order to help to solve to want.

    Having essence delayed because of the chronic disease, this shows loving care for and looks after and concerns and already gives play to the function to people's recovery, deal with the relation of looking after with a kind of fine and smooth tactics, the mainstreams of healthy systems of doctors and nurses that confront with each other, so this document purpose is to discuss how to form the relation of showing loving care for and influence .

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    real account

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