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As with any medication in pregnancy, laxatives should be used with caution (Table 5).

Anthraquinone laxatives such as dantron are associated with congenital malformations.

41,42 Saline osmotic laxatives (magnesium citrate and sodium phosphate) can cause maternal sodium retention while castor oil can initiate premature uterine contractions.43 Mineral oils can theoretically affect maternal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. In the case of Vitamin K this can lead to hypoprothrombinaemia and haemorrhage. 44 Some laxatives can even produce neonatal diarrhoea.43 Stimulant laxatives such as senna should be used with caution in pregnancy. Senna can be excreted in breast milk.45 In general, the short-term use of stimulant laxatives is considered safe in pregnancy.However, as with the general population, long-term use should be avoided.

Tegaserod is a 5HT4 agonist that has shown considerable promise as a treatment for

constipation-predominant IBS. The American Gastroenterology Association (AGA)

initially considered tegaserod to be low risk in pregnancy.46 However, recent evidence

of an increased incidence of ischemic cardiac and cerebral events in patients using this

medication has led to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to request

that sale of tegaserod be suspended. The AGA position statement also considers

polyethylene glycol (PEG) to be low-risk in pregnancy and the preferred treatment for

chronic constipation in pregnant women. PEG acts as an osmotic laxative by opposing

the dehydration of bowel contents that would ordinarily lead to increased stool bulk.

The increased retention of water in the colon lubricates and softens the stools. There

are data suggesting some absorption of PEG 3350 in humans.47 However, the small

amounts (1–4%) that are absorbed are excreted unchanged in the urine.

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    和與所有療程在懷孕,應該小心地使用瀉藥(表5)。 恩昆瀉藥例如dantron同先天畸形聯繫在一起。 41,42副鹽滲透的瀉藥(鎂枸櫞酸鹽和磷酸鈉)可能導致母親鈉保留,當蓖麻油可能創始過早的子宮contractions.43礦物油時可能理論上影響脂溶性維生素的母親吸收。 在維生素K情況下這可能導致hypoprothrombinaemia和出血。 44副有些瀉藥在懷孕可能甚而生產出生diarrhoea.43興奮劑瀉藥例如番瀉樹應該小心地使用。 番瀉樹在乳房milk.45可以排泄對興奮劑瀉藥的短期用途一般來說,被認為安全在懷孕。然而,和與總人口,應該避免長期用途。 Tegaserod是顯示了可觀的諾言作為一種治療為便秘主要IBS的5HT4苦悶者。 美國胃腸病學協會(AGA)然而最初認為tegaserod低風險的在pregnancy.46,局部缺血的心臟病和大腦事件的增加的發生的最近證據在使用這個療程的患者導致美國糧食與藥物管理局(糧食與藥物管理局)請求tegaserod

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