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小魚 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

我要Take These Wings後半段的歌詞急~~~~~

我要Take These Wings後半段的英文歌詞而且一個英文字也不能漏

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  • 1 0 年前

    Take these wings送你這對翅膀

    我看到有隻麻雀落 在地,

    I found a spar-row ly-ing on the ground;

    看牠的生命似已到 盡頭,

    Her life I knew would soon be at an end.

    我跪下將牠捧在手 心中,他輕聲對我說,「朋友,

    I knelt be-fore her as she made a sound,─ and lis-tened as she said. "My friend.─


    送給你 這對 翅膀 , 學習飛翔越過最高山。

    Take these wings─ and learn to fly─ to the high - est moun-tain in the sky;

    送給你 這對眼睛 , 學看世 上的 美 事。

    Take these eyes─ and learn to see─all the things so dear to me.

    送給你 歡欣 的歌,歌頌春 天來臨的 喜悅 ,

    Take this song─ and learn to sing,─fill your voice with all the joys of spring;─

    送給你 跳躍的心, 翱翔在﹝翱翔在,翱翔在﹞

    Take this heart─ and set it free,─ Let it fly─﹝Let it fly, let it fly﹞

    海的 那邊。」

    be-yond the sea." 

    我見另有隻麻雀在 沙地,

    I found an-oth-er spar-row ly-ing on the sand,

    小麻雀生命正開始 起步。

    A ti-ny bird whose life had just be-gun.

    我輕輕將牠捧在手 心中。我微笑對牠說,「孩子,

    I picked him and held him in my hand;─ I smiled at him and said, "My son.─


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