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However, it seems probable that new technology will eventually will eventually transform university teaching and learning. Indeed, the most extreme scenarios for the future imply the disintegration and disappearance of universities as physical campuses altogether. As numbers of students expand and numbers of teaching staff reduce, and financial resources decline, students may be compelled to rely more on texts, slide/film/video archives, and data stored on CD-roms. More distance learning along the lines of the Open University is likely to occur and students working from home may soon ‘attend’ lectures, seminars and, tutorials in virtual space rather than real space.

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    但是, 它似乎可能新技術最終最終將願變換大學教學和學會。的確, 最極端的情節為將來一共暗示大學崩解和失蹤作為物理校園。當學生的數字擴展並且教員的數字減少, 並且資金來源decline, 學生也許被迫依靠更文本、幻燈片/影片/錄影檔案, 和資料被存放在光碟燒錄機裡 。更多遠距離學習沿著函授大學的線可能發生並且學生服務從家也許` 很快參加' 演講, 研討會和, 講解在真正空間而不是真正的空間。