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英文句子這樣改可以嗎?Land of an assessed


Land of an assessed value shall be liable to payment of land value tax, except where farmland tax is levied thereon under Article 22 hereof.

請問下一句的as duly effected...,如果改成which is duly effected,語氣、意義會不會改變?

The term ‘total land value’ referred to in the preceding paragraph denotes the aggregated land value entered into the register of land value of owners upon verification of the assessed or re-assessed land value as duly effected by each landowner.

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    1. yes, the meaning will change. Thereon speaks specifically to the land on which the levy is assessed. Change to 'on' will leave this sentence unclear.

    2. not really since either way is not clear enough. It is not clear 'duly effected' refers to 'entered into the register' or 'verification of the assessed land value'

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