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有關Emancipation Proclamation問題

1. 甚麼是Slave Ttrade?

2. 位甚麼很多Catives在船上死亡或生病?

3. 甚麼是Slave Codes?

4. 甚麼是overseer's的工作?

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    1. slave trade refers to the deal between the two parties of the trade in which slavery, the systematic exploitation of labor for work and services without consent and/or the possession of other persons as property, has taken place.

    2. the cause of the death of captives aboard on ships travelling to destinations where they become slaves is to do with the lack of food they receive and the insufficient nutrients, such as Vitamin C, in their diet.

    3. Slave codes were laws each southern state had defining the status of slaves and the rights of masters; the code gave slave owners near-absolute power over the right of their human property.

    4. Overseas work refers to jobs that are obtained by someone of a foreign country with a working visa enabling him or her to work legally under the immigration law.

    參考資料: wiki + myself
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