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    When I was in Junior High School, I met my first girlfriend, *Mary.(你自己改名字吧~) She was pretty, nice, and most importantly, she cared me very much. Whenever I was in trouble, for example being scolded by my teacher, she would be the first one to stand up and say something good about me. When I did bad for my exams, she would be the one to cheer me up. When I face financial difficulties, she always lent me money.

    Undoubtly, I was lucky to meet *Mary such a good girlfriend. I still remembered the time we celebrated my birthday together last year. She made a card with cross-stitch(十字綉) for me. I felt touched and didn't know what to say. I just stared at her and felt warm in my heart. At that moment, she was so beautiful. I've never thought this kind of love with happen to me. I really loved her. This is the first time I really fall in love with a girl crazily.

    However, our love didn't last long. 2 months ago, we broke. The reason was because she didn't love me anymore. I didn't blame her but let her go. I think letting her find her own love will be the best solution. Because I love her, I hope she can be happy.


    參考資料: me(目前在國外讀書)