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"Learning difficulties & possible solutions" (字數150~200)

Up to now,English writing has been a very difficult part for me .

First at all:limited knowledge of vocabulary .

Second at all:grammar skills are not enough .

Finally:sentence structures are not conversance .

When I learn about English writing the possible solutions:

First at all:I make good use on my time to read an English novel

by train .

Second at all:I try to write down of my life . When I meet the words

don’t understand take the dictionary to check the meanings by heart .

Finally:Corresponds with friends in English through msn .If the word

that I have not met use the Dr.eye and remember it in mind .

Everyone has the method that the different fit oneself learns English .

And I am the English ability that makes use of the writing . Hope I can

find them interesting and improve my English score .

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    Up to now,English writing has been difficult for me .

    First of all, I have a limited vocabulary .

    Second of all, I have some problems with English grammar.

    And finally, my sentence structures are not fluent and sometimes make little or no sense at all.

    Now I would like to list a few possible solutions that may aid me in learning English, in particular with writing.

    First of all, I should make good use of my time to read an English novel when commuting on the train .

    Second of all, I should try to write down something about my life . When I encounter words that I don’t understand, I should look them up in dictionary to check the meanings and learn them by heart .

    And finally, I should correspond with friends in English on msn . If I see words that I don't understand, I should use Dr.eye and remember it in mind .

    Everyone has their own method that is tailored to fit themselves in learning English . I would like to enhance my English ability so that I could learn how to write confidently . I hope I can find writing interesting and thus improving my English grades.

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