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Some studies have indicated that the taste and caloric

load of cranberry juice cocktail is unacceptable to many patients,

especially over the long term [15, 40, 44]. Capsules of

cranberry concentrate could be a better-tolerated alternative

[31]. Cost is another issue that affects patient uptake of treatment, because cranberry products are not currently covered by health insurance [44, 49]. In the single trial that evaluated the

issue of cost, Stothers [31] found that cranberry tablets are more cost-effective than organic cranberry juice.

Therefore, the potential of cranberry products to act as a nonantibiotic alternative for preventing UTI, thereby reducing

the total amount of antibiotics prescribed for UTI, could have

great public health significance. In November 2002, the National

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a

branch of the US National Institutes of Health, announced an

initiative to fund research on the role of cranberry in promoting

urinary tract health [50]. As antimicrobial resistance continues

to climb, the time is ripe to recognize the importance of further

cranberry research.


We thank Frances Nachmani, Hana Edelstein, and Miriam

Ben-Yashar for their assistance in data collection and processing.

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    有些研究表明許多患者對蔓越莓汁雞尾酒的口味和熱量是不能接受的,特別是長期服用時[15, 40, 44]。 蔓越莓濃縮膠囊可能是一個可以讓人容忍較好的選擇[31]。 費用是影響治療的另一議題,因為蔓越莓產品沒有健康保險給付[44, 49]。 在一個評估費用的問題的試驗中, Stothers [31]發現蔓越莓片劑比有機蔓越莓汁有效。

    所以,蔓越莓產品作為非抗生素另一療法,防止泌尿道感染,從而減少治療泌尿道感染抗生素用量,這個潛能可能在公共衛生上有很大的意義。 在2002年11月,全國輔助醫療中心,美國健康學會的分支,宣佈主動資助對蔓越莓在促進尿道健康扮演的角色的研究[50]。 當抗藥菌株繼續增加,我們認可對蔓越莓研究的重要性的時機成熟了。


    我們在數據收集和處理上,感謝 Frances Nachmani, Hana

    Edelstein和Miriam Ben-Yashar他們的協助。

    參考資料: 自己