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Victor Hugo雨果的一句話- 法文翻譯求助!

Le beau est aussi utile que l'utile -Victor Hugo

----->That which is beautiful is as useful as that which is usaful








煩請幫我解答&校正~~多謝大家!! ^_^...

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    1. It is from "Les Miserables" (悲慘世界), part 1 Fantine, by Victor Hugo.

    Madame Magloire said: it is better to have salad than flowers.

    The bishop responded: the beautiful thing (=flowers) is equally useful as the useful (practical= salad).

    He said after a pause: maybe more (useful than the useful/practical)

    2. the sentence is correct.

    參考資料: web
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  • Caesar
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    參考~ :

    In Les Miserables, Victor Hugo introduces a pious bishop who is challenged by his housekeeper concerning the bishop's habit of devoting part of his garden to beautiful flowers instead of the more practical vegetables.

    2007-11-24 14:49:33 補充:

    "Here is a useless plot," says the housekeeper. "It would be much better to have salads here than bouquets." The bishop replies, "You are mistaken. The beautiful is as useful as the useful."

    2007-11-24 14:49:44 補充:

    The wise old bishop had learned an important life lesson. To be healthy the human soul must be nourished along with its body. Vegetables feed the latter; flowers, the former. Sometimes our best gifts may seem impractical.

    2007-11-24 15:03:24 補充:

    對話是在Les Miserables Chapter VI. Who guarded his House for him

    (悲慘世界 第六章.誰替他看守房子, 下面網頁第18段文字~The garden...中)


    2007-11-24 15:04:28 補充:

    Le beau est aussi utile que l'utile~

    2007-11-24 15:05:54 補充:

    The beautiful is as useful as the useful.

    2007-11-24 15:13:39 補充:


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