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01. My favorite activity

02. Things I feel proud of

03. Joy and problems at school






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    Things I'm proud of

    I am proud of my friends, and you can say they mean the world to me. Bianca, my best mate, has been hang out with me since we were primary school kids. I remember that she was always the one who got in trouble in class for being very outspoken, which can be really be irritating to the teachers. I guess her temperament has not changed a bit since we knew each other. Just like yesterday when a classmate of ours went on bitching about how I'm fake and that Bianca's always so protective towards me, Bianca just stood up and gave her a slap across the face, which shut her up for the rest of the day. Not saying her actions were well justified, but the thing is that I felt a warmth in my heart when she stood by me and not letting me get walked over by others. She makes me proud of having such a nice friend and I can be assured that no matter what happens to me, she will always be on my side, watching over me.

    Lisa, another friend of mine, is the smartest girl I have ever met. She not only possesses the ability of speaking 5 languages, but she won countless trophies in all subjects. Whenever I had a problem, I would go to her and the problem would be solved within a blink of an eye, literally. I am so proud of her that I did not care how many times she was made fun of and got called a nerd, I want to be her friend. I'm not saying that the only reason why I made friend with her is so that I could scab some of her homework and make it into mine, although sometimes that thought did cross my mind, but you would not believe what these smart people have in mind. All I can say that they are the most interesting, though lonely, people on this planet.

    My friends make me proud and they are the ones who keep me going, until I found my special person of course. But till then, I wish I would remain friends with them for the many years to come.

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    has been hanging out with me