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阿水 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

種族歧視 英文很容易的說法 要怎麼用英文表達給外國人聽懂



1.我很有感觸的就是種族膚色的問題 我每次看到生活在台灣的黑人,很少會跟台灣人一起生活或一起吃飯一起說笑,而台灣學生也不愛跟黑人打交道,但是假設是白人,情況就很不一樣,我們很喜歡和白人做朋友,學校的教授,公司的高層主管,都是白人 我想無論白人黑人或是黃皮膚,都不應該歧視任何人,皮膚的顏色只是「差異」的觀點,我希望這種「差異」不是歧視 。

2.我有時候在路上,看到東南亞外籍新娘的小朋友被他們的父母牽著走路,都覺得好可愛。我相信上帝的愛並沒有獨厚任何人,上帝的愛是公平的大愛,不論膚色,種族,或性別,上帝都是一是同仁,膚色的差異是來自我們心中 。

3.每次看到黑人,我都想起膚色這個問題,尤其是《黑皮膚白靈魂》的描述,我覺得在黑色皮膚之下 不只是渴望有白人的一切 還包括生活殖民地問題、母語、文化、國族、認同。



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    My having emotional stirrings very much is the race problem of the skin color I see a life at Taiwan each time of black, seldom live or have a meal together together with Taiwanese to joke together, and the Taiwanese student also doesn't love to make contact with with black, but assumption is a white man, condition very different, we like very much to be a friend with white man, the professor of school, the high supervisor of company is all white man I think no matter white man black or yellow skin, shouldn't discriminate against anyone, skin of the color be just the standpoint of"difference", I hope this kind of"difference" isn't a bias.


    I sometimes is on the road, see the kid of Southeast Asia foreign bride they of the parents lead long to walk, all feel good amiability.I believe God's love has no only thick anyone, God's love is a fair grand love, in spite of the skin color, race, or sex, all of Gods are on ising a colleague, the difference of skin color is from our heart in.


    See black each time, I remind of skin color this problem, particularly is 《black skin white soul 》of description, I feel under the black skin to is much more than everything which hopes earnestly to have white man to still include a living colony problem, mother tongue, culture, country clan, approbation.


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    第一段的第一個字應該是要改成 I 抱歉喔~打錯

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